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October 24, 2013
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.:: APH Elementary AU Contest Entry: San Marino :: by Merujii .:: APH Elementary AU Contest Entry: San Marino :: by Merujii
FINALLY I FINISHED IT omfg what is anatomy--
i'm sorry San Marino likes hair ornaments okay--and flowers because wow pretty shit right there and it makes her look 2 fab 4 u
omg i hope this is alright though //cry

San Marino

Name: Luciana Serena Casadei
Nicknames: Luci,Lucia
Gender: Female
Subjects: Mathematics and Theater ( y no one choose mathematics //sob )

Personality: Luciana is a very kind person. Social,Polite and very caring. It's hard to get her angry,she is usually calm, happy, and quick to forgive. She's the type that would be loyal and honest to her friends and would hate to go behind on people's backs. You can say she gives off a really good and calm aura. She tends to be a little clueless at times and spaces out,but really tries her best to focus on what is important. She likes to be "The Big Sister" type of person and cares for others.She can be very anxious at times.

Strength: She is very positive and seems to love solving problems. Especially if it is mathematics. She likes to give off a positive attitude despite how things diffucult may be. She loves to act and sing as well.

Weaknesses: She is terrible at multi-tasking. If she ever does this,she would forget one or two things that she has to do and only focus on which is important. Which can lead her to a bit of trouble and would feel guilty about it.

Likes: Mathematics because she thinks they are a great challenge but very fun to solve. She also likes to sing,act (especially if they are dramatic--) and dance. And Hair ornaments...That is all. She likes hair ornaments,but also because they would look good on her other friends besides herself.

Dislikes: She really dislikes Spiders--or any insects or Arachnids for that matter. She also seems to not like getting involved in eavesdropping or in arguments.

Talents: She is good with decorations,always picking which looks best,fancy,and elegant or whatever is suited for Theater. She just likes to help out. 

Flaws: She can be clueless at times,and tries to focus on what HAS to be done and what IS important. If she forgets one important thing,she will be upset with herself but will also try to be more focused on things. Luciana is also not Physically strong and can be a little timid at times.

(mostly based on the people in Mathematics and Theater)

Austria/Roderich: Luciana seems to get along with him. In both Art and Mathematics,she thinks it is always nice to see him.

Liechtenstein/Erica: Erica is one of the many people Luciana can trust and she seems to be very good friends with her. She likes to see her as a "little sister."

Luxembourg/Luca: Luciana respects him and likes to go to him for some help if she is having trouble with something.

Macau/Lucio: Neutral--Although,The two seem to act very calm together.

Monaco/Monique: Next to Erica,Monique is another person Luciana can really trust. Luciana really likes to chat with her and even hang out with her when she feels like it. 

Netherlands/Lars: Luciana seems to be very neutral with him,but she doesn't talk to him as much.

Dae Hyun/North Korea: She is calm around Dae Hyun especially when talking, but she really wants to know more about this person and even ask for some help when she needs it. ( Aside,from asking Luca )

Arthur/England:  The two are good friends and Luciana has a great respect for him. Usually she likes to talk about plays with him and even music.

Francis/France: She likes to hang around with him at times during Theater and even learn dances or songs from him. Luciana gets along with him.

Joao/Portugal: Neutral -- But Luciana wants to try to interact with him more and even become good friends.

Maricela/Phillipines: Luciana likes talking to her and seems to really enjoy being with her. She thinks the hair accessories/ornaments on Maricela look really "cute." She would want Maricela to try one of her Hair ornaments someday because they will look even better on her. Luciana can really trust her and be honest.

Yong Soo/South Korea: He can be a little loud but it does not annoy Luciana one bit. Though,She would want him to calm down at times.

Vasilica/Romania: Luciana likes to hear one of his Stories--especially Fairy Tale or even myths. She finds them really enjoyable.

Ships: I do like FranMarino ( France x San Marino ) But it doesn't really matter,since it's all up to you,Mel and it's your Doujin~ o v o

omfg if I got anything wrong tell me
i am so sleepy i might even fix this up later
sorry for typos :iconpapcryplz:

Elementary AU and Phillipines OC (c) :iconmelonstyle:~melonstyle
San Marino OC (c) :iconcioccolatomagia:~CioccolatoMagia
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