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.::NEW: Hetalia :: San Marino Profile::. by Merujii .::NEW: Hetalia :: San Marino Profile::. by Merujii
Like Vea says
"new year,new sansan"
#yolo //kicked

okay before you guys kill me 
i have my reasons
I've been wanting to redesign San Marino for MONTHS now.
Her hair was too Hungary-like ( and i wasn't really happy with it )
So I decided to change her hair style. I want her to look more older. ( Since San Marino is an Old Republic )
She wears glasses now because she does not have good eyesight. ( and it makes her look older,right?)
Hair hair got longer too but she ties it in a very low ponytail. ( i think she looks old enough omfg )
She is taller now too. I really don't like the idea of her being extremely short just because of how small the country is. But that's just my opinion. Since she is the oldest I didn't want her to be short still lol 
I didn't like it much when my San Marino was short :iconmingcryplz:

also her old bio makes me cringe
why do people still fave her old profile card
guys come on pls it sucks

unfinished refs:

Oh look new bio

Full Official Name: Most Serene Republic of San Marino ( Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino )
Human Name: Luciana Serena Casadei
Aliases: Luci, Sanny, Marina , Mari, Big Sister of Europe, Old Lady/Grandma of Europe
Human Age: 28 
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye color: Amber
Height: 5’4” (162.56cm )
Language: Italian (Emiliano-Romagnolo and English are also spoken)
Capital: San Marino City

Personality and Interests: A little country who claims to be the oldest constitutional republic and sovereign state in the world!This “Big Sister of Europe” is the oldest European country which was founded in 301 A.D. and is the older sister of the Italy brothers.

San Marino is a bubbly,responsible and kind girl with good manners.
It’s very easy to approach her and talk to her about many things since she is very social.She often addresses people as “Mister or Miss”. She can be a total klutz at times and a very worrisome person but also very tough and mettlesome.

During wars, she was always neutral but always got dragged into trouble. She is intelligent and has protected her country for many years. Especially during the wars between her neighbors.

San Marino relies on the Italy brothers for Military defense, importations and other affairs.Her culture is extremely similar to her brothers but she has her own fun events such as the Medieval Days.She also has her own cuisines such as Torta Di Tre Monti.She loves to eat cheese and drink wine.

She even makes her own wine.

San Marino has a small wine industry and she wishes her wine would be more local but it is always overshadowed by Italy’s wine.

San Marino is one of the richest countries in Europe.She focuses on tourism. Euros are used in San Marino even though she is not a member in the European Union.
She likes to read books as a hobby and even paint.
She has referenced her old age several times such as having back pains,not being able to see well and going to sleep very early.

She looks calm all the time but this may due to her “Serene” title. She can be very courageous and would step foot into her torture museum (or any) without feeling uneasy or scared. San Marino, herself, can be very scary however, but only when she is angry. She is feisty and would be brave enough to stand up for herself or her younger brothers. ( even though they may be very weak )

History: During World War I, San Marino was neutral and her younger brothers—North and South Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary on the 23rd of May,1915. Her brothers were getting very suspicious of her that she might harbor Austrian spies who would be able to gain access to the radiotelegraph station. Italy planned to establish a detachment of Carabenieri in the Republic and then decided to cut off their telephone lines. San Marino did try to tell her brothers that she was neutral and would not do anything to upset them. San Marino decided to send two groups of ten volunteers to help out the Italian Forces. One group fought on the Italian front as combatants and the other group served as Medical corps that operated a Red Cross field hospital. Ever since Austria and Hungary found out about this, they suspended diplomatic relations with San Marino.

During World War II, San Marino was still neutral. America, however said that she declared war on the United Kingdom. When she heard about this “wrong information” she immediately sent a transmitted message to the United Kingdom saying that she did not declared war on him.

On June 26,1944 San Marino was bombed by the RAF (Royal Air Force). The United Kingdom believe that San Marino has been overrun by the German Forces and was being used to amass stores and ammunition. San Marino was really upset at the U.K. and said that there were no military installations or equipment on her territory and that no belligerent forces were allowed to enter.

San Marino welcomed thousands of civilian refugees when the Allied Forces passed over the Gothic Line. San Marino’s territory was then occupied by Germany in September 1944, but was defeated by Allied forces in the Battle of San Marino.


North Italy and South Italy:

The three have known each other ever since they were under the Roman Empire’s rule.(Grandpa Rome) San Marino was the first to get her independence so she visited her brothers much less and was able to maintain her country on her own. She gets a long very well with her younger brothers and seems to act sort of motherly to them since she is the oldest and the two can be pretty reckless and weak at times. Though, she still relies on them. She has stated that the brothers can give her headaches if they argue which causes her to get angry at them and tell them to stop acting like children. Despite her being the oldest, North and South Italy are overprotective of her and will sometimes act as her bodyguards.( Let’s not forget they’re responsible for her military affairs ) When San Marino receives imported goods from other countries, her brothers are in charge of checking them first before it is actually given to her.

United Kingdom (Britain/England/whatever the fuck you guys are used to calling him):

When the bomb was dropped in San Marino by the RAF,San Marino was extremely upset with him. The Railway was destroyed and 63 civilians have died during the operation. The United Kingdom later admitted that the action he did had been unjustified and that it had been dropped because of the erroneous information he received. He gave a formal apology to her and agreed to pay for the damage he has caused in her territory. San Marino accepted his apology and was very grateful that he agreed to pay for the damage. The two eventually became good friends. It has been stated that San Marino is a Eurovision Ally of the UK. (… Don’t you dare say I can’t BROTP them. I can and I will. #MELZY OUT ) She likes to visit Britain’s home at times. But she refuses to eat his cooking and she tries not to be rude about it or even state how terrible his food is. She will often bring Torta di Tre Monti during her visits so they can eat together and that she will avoid eating his food.

United States of America:

Extremely good friends! They enjoy friendly diplomatic Relations and San Marino really supports him. Shortly before the beginning of the Civil War in America, She wrote a letter to America’s President, Abraham Lincoln and proposed an alliance between her and America and offered President honorary  San Marino Citizenship in which—Abraham accepted and wrote a reply to San Marino. America and San Marino then started talking to each other more and they started to get along. There is a bust of Abraham Lincoln on San Marino’s wall and there is a San Marino city in California. ( Apparently, their friendship is called the San Marino-America Brotherhood. )

San Marino is not really fond of him and seems to dislike him. Italy tries to tell her that Germany is not a bad person but San Marino refuses to change her opinion about Germany. She doesn't talk to him nor approach him unless if she feels the need to talk to him about something important.

Most of San Marino’s tourists are Russians. After WWII, San Marino became the first country in western Europe to be ruled by a communist party. This was the first time anywhere in the world a communist government was democratically elected into power. Unlike the other countries, San Marino is not afraid of Russia and claims that he is a kind man who is just misunderstood by most.

During the Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon I pushed his armies towards the Papal States. San Marino had to choose between making an alliance with France or the Papal States. If San Marino did make an alliance with one of them,it could mean the loss of San Marino's liberty. San Marino didn't take any sides until it became unavoidable. Captains Regent of San Marino-- Antonio Onofri managed to fix this problem by gaining Napoleon's respect and Friendship. Later on,San Marino was recognized by Napoleon by the Treaty of Tolentino(1797) and the Congress of Vienna(1815). He sent 1,000 quintals of wheat and four Cannons--although the cannons have never arrived.( San Marino believes it's because he had poor memory or something. )The wheat is sometimes considered by some people to be a good feeling about all things French in San Marino.( Or so I read )

France promised to protect San Marino's independence and offered to expand SM's territory. In which she had to reject to avoid future retaliation with other territories and to avoid losing the independence. She also didn't want to upset her brothers and she likes her country the way it is and enjoys her independence.

In the end,San Marino managed to keep a good friendly relationship between France and the Papal States.

Although now,France and San Marino are still friendly,but not as close as they were before. But San Marino still considers him as one of her closest friends because of all that he did to protect her independence. 
When they do see each other, they drink wine together and sometimes even talk about wine and their differences and taste.
San Marino states that France is not a bad man and that he is very pleasant to talk to. She has no problem approaching him.

The two get along swiftly and well. San Marino likes to think of Liechtenstein as a little sister-figure and really likes to talk many things with her. They often talk about their own brothers,stamps and their stamp designs as well. Sometimes they will trade stamps with each other.(Just like how people trade cards.)

:bulletblue: San Marino wanted to look more like a big sister, so she grew her hair out.

:bulletblue: She can’t see very well so she wears glasses but she also thinks it makes her look older. She claims that It’s not “Old People” glasses.

:bulletblue: She gives out stamps to tourists as souvenirs.

:bulletblue: She loves to drink wine. When she is alone she drinks it straight from the bottle. But when she is with other people, she has good mannerism and drinks it on a wine glass.

:bulletblue: She owns a lot of guns. In San Marino, it's easy to buy a gun. But there are strict laws about buying bullets. Sometimes San Marino can be known as the "Country of Softair" by many Italians.

:bulletblue: She owns medieval weapons as well. Especially the Cross bow.

:bulletblue: She likes to refers herself as The Big Sister of Europe because she is older than most of the European countries.

:bulletblue: There is an urban legend about San Marino and Sweden declaring war against each other during the Napoleonic Era. San Marino never signed the Peace of Westphalia treaties and was currently at war with Sweden until until 1996 when they finally declared that the war ended. Some say The war happened during the Thirty Years' War. San Marino claims that this legend is false and that she has always been neutral and that she doesn't know who made up that legend. This urban legend is still going around and it seems to be popular in Sweden.

:bulletblue: The flower she wears on her coat is the Cyclamen.

:bulletblue: San Marino rarely ever swears. But she does so when she is drunk.

:bulletblue: She loves to go visit Torture museums.

:bulletblue: She knows how to play a few musical instruments.

:bulletblue: She likes to sing.

:bulletblue: She is terrible at playing soccer but she does try her best. At one point during a soccer match against Britain,San Marino scored a fast goal against him.

:bulletblue: Her curls represent the three towers on Monte Titano. The top curl represents Cesta,a tower on the highest summit of Monte Titano. Also her Erogenous Zone.

:bulletblue: She has a small curl that represents the tower of Montale. If you pull it,she will become upset. ( Montale is not open to the public. This is more like her "Angry Zone.")

 More will be added later.

seriously don't kill me

Please Correct me if there are any errors! I won't be angry.
Please don't recolour,trace, and steal my art and or characters. I will become very upset.
You are free to draw them if you'd like,however. Just don't claim them as yours. Thank you. :heart:

San Marino OC (c) :iconmerujii:Merujii

Template (c) :iconderara-isis:…

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

Also this San Marino City in California--
I've been there so many times
it's so boring

oh and excuse my typos if you see any--

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